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Commercial Services

Pubs, clubs, shops, schools and offices, all see a lot of visitors, who between them bring in a lot of dirt & grime, generating significant wear and tear on carpets. Against this, it can be difficult to keep them looking their best, vacuuming alone is not enough.

We can help!

We can clean your carpets at a time that is convenient, weekends or evenings are not a problem. In fact most of our commercial cleaning jobs are carried out late at night. When premises are closed to the public.

We use state of the art commercial carpet cleaning machines, not cheap consumer grade cleaning devices. Our machines extract almost all of the moisture, ensuring carpets are dry within hours.

Or perhaps you have had a leak/spillage and have an unsightly stain, we can help. With a range of professional stain removers, combined with state of the art machines giving a fast drying time, we can help minimise disruption to your business.

Contact us for more details and see how a cleaner carpet can improve the image and smell of your business.

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