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Cleaning Services

Alongside our carpet cleaning services we can arrange whole house/flat cleaning on one day so you can get your carpets, upholstery and whole house cleaned from top to bottom. Make one appointment and pay one bill.

Ascent are experienced at working with letting agents and Swindon Borough Council to help keep their tenants and landlords happy. We have designed our end of tenancy clean to provide you with the best possible service. We know how important it is to leave the property as immaculately as possible whether people are moving in/out or selling a house.

If you are a letting agent and have your own cleaning specification we are happy to follow your own specialised requirements.

Ascent use professional materials and equipment, always cleaning to a high standard, which we guarantee. Due to heavy workloads we occasionally work in partnership with a general cleaning company to insure all works can be done within specific deadlines.

We specialize in pre or end of tenancy cleaning, so as such we do not do regular (weekly/monthly) cleans, although we can recommend a company that will.

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